Product info Locking pin & Concealed Hinge

Locking pins are used for a vast range of applications and must be able to be installed flexibly.

We develop pioneering fitting components for your applications in industrial enclosures. In doing so, every day we focus on precise constructions that meet your requirements as to design, function and material.

Today, we look forward to introducing you two new products. We would be happy to discuss how you can integrate our innovations in your application area in person, as well.

Precisely according to our motto: pioneering, precise, personal.


Locking pin with variable clamping range

Locking pin for all clamping ranges between 1 and 13 mm
DIRAK Locking pins and Concealed Hinge article Murat Othan

„Locking pins are used for a vast range of applications and must be able to be installed flexibly. That’s why we developed the new locking pin for all clamping ranges between 1 and 13 mm.“

Murat Othan, Product Manager

With our concealed hinge with securing clip, we offer the solution

Where doors are frequently hinged and unhinged, it is important that the hinges feature easy operation and reliable security.

With our concealed hinge with securing clip, we offer the solution that meets these demands.

  • Secure use in plants, machines and electrical cabinets
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible use

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