The new sliding slam latch


In the event of the transportation of transport containers for example for small animals or similar, in addition to vibration resistance and a secure locking of doors and hatches, a stable support should also be ensured.

For this reason we have developed a sliding slam latch, which due to its sliding release prevents the unintentional opening from the inside and furthermore is virtually noiseless during transport.


Vibration proof and noiseless

Due to the utilization of rubber plugs and a felt washer, the sliding slam latch is virtually noiseless and therefore of particular advantage to the transport sector.

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Secure and comfortable

  • Slam bolt housing with integrated stop
  • The rear engagement facilitates an easy opening by sliding
  • Independent locking by closing the door
  • Opening from the inside is not possible
  • Can only be opened from the outside with the actuation of the slam bolt
  • Lockable
  • Fastening with slot nuts are included in scope of delivery

Stable and durable 

  • Slam latch consists of two parts (slam bolt and locking element) for aluminum sections
  • Cylinder barrel keyed alike 1333
  • Cylinder barrel keyed different
  • Plug without cylinder
  • Surface, black e-coated

Did you know?


New insert version with double bit 3 mm

We add to our stainless steel safety quarter-turn (7-075) now a new insert version with double bit 3 mm pin for various applications.

For more information click here.


Now pre-assembled in a packaging unit of 100 pieces

The cage nut is now available in a packaging unit of 100 pieces. The packaging unit comes with the nut already mounted in the cage.

For more information click here.

Precisely according to our motto: “pioneering, precise, personal” we would be happy to discuss how you can integrate our innovations in your application area in person, as well. Therefore please contact our experts directly. Just click here. We look forward to your inquiry!

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