Our Mission

At DIRAK, Inc., our mission is to provide peace of mind by protecting critical infrastructure through the design, production, and distribution of access control hardware.





While it is easy to focus on our products (access hardware), our goals (protecting critical infrastructure), or our core competencies (product design, production, and distribution) the underlying purpose of DIRAK, Inc. is to provide peace of mind. This purpose extends to all of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and our community. Our goal in everything we do is to bring peace of mind to all people and organizations we touch.



Supporting Our Team's Well-being and Success

Additionally, we realize that without our excellent employees we would not be able to support others. That is why we provide peace of mind to our staff through a variety of benefits such as 100% paid health insurance premiums for our employees and their children, generous paid time off, financial support for continued education, profit share, and much more.


All of these benefits play an important part in supporting the mental and physical health of our employees, which in turn allows them to better support our customers.



Building Strong Community Connections

We also recognize that our organization does not exist in isolation from our community but is an integral part of it. We have committed to donating a portion of our profits to a local charity as well as volunteering our time to support their cause. We are members of our local Chamber of Commerce and provide feedback to our governing officials on how they can support the area. Many of our employees support their community on an individual basis by volunteering their time or donating to charitable organizations.


While we strive to be the industry leader in access hardware for critical infrastructure, that alone is not what drives us. If someone asks us what we do at DIRAK, the answer is simple: we provide peace of mind.

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