Skills and expertise

Our expertise for your success

We have a modular approach to all our product developments and benefit from many years of experience in development. We develop solutions – from the custom-tailored conceptual design and production planning to the strict monitoring of the production process all the way to delivery. We can therefore deliver a complete service chain, all the way to order fulfillment.

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Experience in development

Pioneering developments, precise in every detail

Before founding DIRAK GmbH in 1991, Dieter Ramsauer had developed pioneering hinging, latching, and fastening solutions for industrial enclosure construction.


Based on this experience and enriched by the skills and expertise of more than 14 developers, we now have more than 400 patents, over 4,500 catalog products, and a wide range of additional development concepts.


Our objective is to find the best solution for you regardless if it can be integrated into our standard offerings or whether it needs to be fully customized to meet your requirements. We always develop all of our products with precision and passion and we are only satisfied when you are satisfied. Your satisfaction is key to our success.

A Modular Philosophy

Think modularly – develop holistically


Our solutions are both precise and modular – they can be combined like building blocks in order to expand usability and adapt to specific applications.

To achieve the greatest level of flexibility, we rely on:

  • Modularity of the components

The components within a product category can be flexibly combined to meet your requirements.  For example, a quarter-turn can be comprised of various inserts, housing lengths, and cam profiles to fit a specific application.

  • Flexibility in one cutout

You have one cutout; we have various products that fit it. We take advantage of the flexibility of a standard cutout when developing our products. When you choose one of our quarter-turns, swinghandles, rod latches, fasteners, or hinges, you can do so without changing your cutout.

Your advantage? Quick turn-around, lower stock levels, and the right locking option guaranteed.


Tool-less connection technology

Installation is complete with one hand movement

With efficient and secure solutions, we create a great benefit for your requirements – including in the area of tool-free installation.


We rely on:

  • User friendliness and versatility

Whether rod latch, hinge, handles or locks – our tool-less fastening technology can be quickly and easily adapted to different application areas.

  • Captivity and reliability

Fastening materials, such as bolts, washers and nuts are no longer required. This eliminates the possibility of surface damage during installation caused by the slipping of a tool.

  • Efficiency and speed

Error-free installation and significant time savings are guaranteed by audible clicks during installation.

Find out more about our screwless and tool-less fastening technology.

With our products of DIRAK-SNAP-Technology, you can achieve high-strength connections with tool-less installation.



Flexibility – our strength is your advantage

An efficient and streamlined supply chain is a prerequisite for success in our organization; therefore, the timely and accurate processing of your orders is a top priority.


To ensure our supply chain is operating effectively, we employ approximately 150 employees in Ennepetal and an additional 120 employees in Sprockhövel to ensure that all orders are received, processed, assembled and delivered in a quick and reliable manner. Our facility utilizes a state-of-the-art automated warehousing system which delivers each small part onto a conveyor belt that carries them throughout the warehouse to each station of the order fulfillment process: from goods received, to assembly, and finally to shipping. This efficient system allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to meet any of your delivery requirements.


200 parts picked per hour and over 300 orders packed per day, we ensure a timely and reliable delivery of your products.



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