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Optimize With Mechatronic Locking Systems

The demands on locking systems are continuously increasing - especially due to digitalization and the resulting growing possibilities of security technology in all areas of application. A simple lock often no longer meets current standards or simply offers too little flexibility for complex requirements.


Discover the advantages of mechatronic products now. Control access even more effectively by precisely documenting and managing every access. Strengthen security in particularly sensitive protected zones. In short: Find the best solutions for your fields of application with DIRAK's mechatronic locking systems.





The Robust Handle

The perfect partner for smart applications is the MLE1102 swing handle. It can be easily integrated and controlled in existing management systems. The handle withstands the effects of weather thanks to its UV-resistant powder coating and IP65 sealing, among other things. In addition to black (RAL 9005), this swing handle is also available in gray (RAL 7038) to perfectly match the installation situation.





Mechatronic Securing of Machines and Enclosures

MLI locking solutions offer you the best protection by connecting to the control system of plants and machines. The swivel lever is locked mechatronically and can also be opened by key. An LED indicates to the user that the handle is ready to open. The locking position of the handle can be evaluated. This increases operator safety and protects machine processes. Also available as a variant, e.g. with square actuation (8mm).



Quarter Turn with Power

More control and protection with evaluable quarter turn: Increase security on industrial machines and enclosures with precise and mechatronic access control. The MLI quarter turn can also be integrated into existing management systems.



The Smart Handle

The MLR1000 ensures precise access documentation and has been optimized especially for sensitive security areas in industrial plants. These swing handles were developed for integration into existing management systems. The status LED provides an additional plus in terms of clarity. And the variable backlit information field makes it easy to individualize the handles. An emergency power interface has also been thought of.

For software-based solutions, click here.



Simply connect, unlock in a controlled manner, lock precisely.

The MLU1002 and MLU1003 electronic rotary latches ensure a high level of safety because the locking status can be evaluated. In addition, the high-quality materials enable high resilience and durability. Both latches can be connected to existing management systems. The exceptionally strong holding force and concealed mounting enhance the security of any application. The MLU1003 electronic rotary latch provides additional security: it not only indicates the locking status, but also the door status.



Drop-in Electronic Solution For Traffic Control Cabinets

The MLU1004 is an electronic deadbolt we've designed specifically for traffic light control enclosures—generally seen on corners of streets from smaller pole-mounted enclosures to larger freestanding enclosures. It's a drop-in solution that can be utilized with third party readers and access control systems.




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