Our Story

Established in 1991 by Dieter Ramsauer, we develop, manufacture, and sell innovative components for enclosure construction with a primary focus on pioneering new products that exceed your requirements.


With numerous patents and an international focus, DIRAK has become one of the world’s leading technology and system providers.


As proof of our continuous goal to offer the best and perfect solution for you, we currently offer more than 4,500 products in our catalog. In order to meet all of our goals, DIRAK employees over 600 people globally and owns and operates 6 production and assembly facilities, in the United States, China, India, and the Middle East.


Additionally, DIRAK is represented and supported by 32 distributors who are experienced and knowledgeable about DIRAK products and are able to cover other regions globally where DIRAK does not have a facility.


With this international network, we are capable of serving various industries, and are always available with our knowledge and expertise to develop customized solutions for your specific applications.



Every April 23 marks the anniversary of the passing of our beloved founder, Dieter Ramsauer. Although we miss him greatly, we celebrate his life and recognize the incredible impact he made on our company and the industry. His legacy lives on through the values he instilled in us and the work we continue to do in his honor.


Mr. Ramsauer is also known for his multiple patents and patent applications, which include latching, locking, and gasket mechanisms. He had a passion for manufacturing and was dedicated to creating unique and high-quality products.


We encourage you to read more about him on his memorial site, and his monumental contributions to our industry in this blog article.

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