Tool-less assembly/installation with the DIRAK-SNAP-Technology

Ensuring a fast, strong, and secure connection

Our DIRAK-SNAP products slide perfectly through the panel cutout and snap into position, creating a strong and secure connection. There is no possibility for loosening or turning.


Many of these products incorporate an innovative design based on a uniquely engineered housing system which holds two wedge-shaped spring-loaded wings, enabling products to be snapped into a sheet metal panel in mere seconds.





Joining sheet metal panels with various thicknesses

DIRAK-SNAP technology products are available in various sizes and for all standard sheet metal thicknesses but they can also be modified according to your individual requirements. If necessary, additional reinforcing plates increase the strength of thin-walled sheet metals and even plastics or wood.



High-end product with metal clipping elements and high strength

We have tested and proven that the DIRAK SNAP products provide the highest quality and strength compared to any solution which uses traditional screws/hardware.



Shock and vibration resistant

DIRAK-SNAP products are vibration and shock resistant and can withstand the toughest environments without coming loose.



Highly secure but can be removed

Some of our fasteners can be removed with a special tool, providing an additional layer of protection against vandalism which is not available with traditional hardware. With this tool, you can conveniently and easily remove our fasteners for maintenance work, repairs, and transportation.



Reliable, error-free/faultless assembly

DIRAK-SNAP technology ensures that your applications are always installed correctly. There is no need to worry if the screws are tight enough or about any other installation mistakes because these products snap firmly and audibly into place and will not come loose. Additionally, DIRAK-SNAP technology can be utilized in new application environments because they can easily be installed in small and difficult areas.



Electrically conductive connections

With the DIRAK-SNAP technology, sheet metals cannot only be connected firmly but they can also be connected electrically. For this purpose, some of the DIRAK-SNAP technology fasteners are equipped with a grounding clip.



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