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About Friends of Loudoun Mental Health

Friends of Loudoun Mental Health (FLMH) is a non-profit organization based in Virginia, USA. Their mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, provide assistance to individuals and families struggling with mental illness, and improve access to mental health resources. They do this through a variety of services, including educational programs, support groups, and advocacy.



How DIRAK Aligns with FLMH

At DIRAK, our purpose is to provide peace of mind in all that we do—at work and in our community. We strive to provide an environment that prioritizes good mental health and puts our employees' well-being first.


While DIRAK's focus may seem far removed from the mental health field, we are actually deeply invested in supporting organizations like FLMH. In fact, we have an employee on FLMH's board of directors.


As a company, DIRAK recognizes the importance of mental health and understands that access to resources and support is crucial. We have supported FLMH's events and initiatives, including "Walk for Hope" to raise awareness for suicide prevention. With our support, we hope FLMH is better able to continue their essential work in the Loudoun County community.



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