Information on Swinghandles

In comparison with a simple quarter-turn, swinghandles offer a much higher torque. With these latches, access control to server racks can be professionally managed, for example.  

Alongside conventional swinghandles, we offer safety-tested variants of the swinghandles: with one locking cylinder or with two locking cylinders (tandem cylinders).


As special equipment, we offer for our swinghandles, among other things:

  • 1-point latching system, 2-point latching system and 3-point latching system
  • Mechatronically secured latches
  • Latches with locking cylinder or actuator
  • Flush-mounted and visible handle
  • Tool-free installation
  • Versions in zinc die-cast, polyamide or stainless steel

For additional security, we offer rod latches for multi-point locking.
In addition: Whether swinghandle lock, swinghandle or swinghandle latch: Contact us about any topic revolving around swinghandles.