Application areas

Our focus is on your requirements

We focus on the individual application requirements of your specific industrial sector in order to develop the perfect solution. Therefore, we develop our hinging and latching solutions with the best materials, superior design and functionality in order to meet the requirements of the application environment.

We created specially designed, high-quality polished stainless-steel products in order to meet the strict hygienic standards of the food processing industry, and we developed solutions for the transportation industry/sector which meet the vibration resistance and fire protection requirements.


Currently, we offer solutions for the following industries: 

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Sheet-metal fabrication
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Food Production
  • Rail Transportation
  • Transportation, Infrastructure, and Tunnel Engineering
  • Data centers, network cabinets and IT
  • Energy distribution and environmental technology

With many years of experience developing customized hinging and latching solutions, we are capable of designing solutions for any industry to ensure that you have the right product for your application.

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