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Produkt DIRAK Schwenkhebel


In comparison with a simple quarter-turn, swinghandles offer a much higher torque. With these latches, access control to server racks can be professionally managed, for example.

Produkt DIRAK Verschluss


In addition to standard latches, we offer many latch systems for special applications; for example: Snap/push locks, compression latches, quick release fasteners.

Produkt DIRAK Scharnier


With our diverse range of hinges, we can fulfill virtually any customer request.

Produkt DIRAK Dichtprofil


For use in enclosures and electrical cabinets, we developed different sealing profiles and optimized them for the respective application.

Produktkategorie DIRAK Kabelmanagement

Cable Management

From easy handling to flexible application all the way to quick and easy attachment, we offer you innovative solutions and top-quality products in the area of cable management.

Produkt DIRAK Drehriegel


Quarter-Turns (or Cam Locks) are locking mechanisms that feature multiple parts consisting of a housing, insert, and a metal lever called a cam or pawl. Traditionally, the insert is assembled into the housing and secured to the cam on the back side. Actuating the insert rotates the cam between the locked and unlocked position, often behind the frame of the enclosures. 

Produkt DIRAK Befestiger

Fastening Technology

The DIRAK-SNAP-Technology series has been specially developed for demanding industrial environments and makes the fast assembly of our components child’s play: Without tools, the DIRAK-SNAP-Technology products can be simply inserted in sheet metal panels and enclosures.

Produkt DIRAK Griffe


We have optimized our assortment of handles for a large number of applications, for example, Handles for mechanical engineering and toolbuilding, Handles for the electrical industry, Handles for medical engineering and the health sector...

Produktkategorie DIRAK Mehrpunktverriegelung

Multi-point latches

So that you feel safe and secure at all times, we also offer rod latches for a multi-point locking, which facilitate a particularly safe and secure locking of doors.

E-LINE by DIRAK Mechatronische Verschlussloesungen


With E-LINE by DIRAK access and locking systems for housings, we aim to make access more secure, more convenient and more cost effective. These mechatronic systems secure housings against unauthorized opening more reliably, simplify organization and measurably increase cost effectiveness.


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