Food Processing

Hygienic solutions that securely lock your machinery


Our solutions have been precisely designed to meet the fundamental principles of “Hygienic Design (HD)” and adhere to the strict requirements and regulations for the food processing industry.


All “HD Products” contain specific properties and are tested according to the hygienic standards of the DGUV Test Certificate NV 13090.


Your advantages

  • Sophisticated geometric shapes, high-quality polished stainless steel surfaces which prevent contaminant build-up.
  • Designed so water will run off completely, preventing bacterial contamination.
  • The high-quality stainless steel guarantees optimum corrosion and temperature resistance, making it ideal for nearly any environment.
  • The material is resistant to acid-based and alkaline-based cleaning agents.
  • Each product is assembled with a blue sealing gasket to meet FDA requirements so it cannot be mistaken for food materials.
  • To ensure the highest levels of safety, products were designed with smooth rounded edges (to avoid any potential risk during handling).
  • The fastening nut with grounding teeth guarantees reliable contact between the lock and the enclosure, so that an electrically conductive connection is ensured.



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