In addition to our product developments for industrial enclosures and machinery, we focus much our attention and efforts on the transportation industry. We have developed individual solutions for railway applications over the last few decades that have proven they meet the highest levels of safety and vibration resistance standards required at fast/high speeds.


The lifespan of rail vehicles requires high-quality, durable, and long-lasting products that always guarantee a secure connection in every environment of rail applications.



Clear visual indicators of locking status increase security and save time on additional checks. Therefore, we install locks in railway vehicles that provide clear displays for the train operators and passengers so they can easily and quickly confirm all products’ locked status.


Weather resistance

All products installed on the exterior of rail vehicles are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as:

  • Dirt
  • Temperature changes
  • UV radiation

These external factors demand high-quality materials and durable construction. So, we develop solutions that can withstand the conditions of each respective environment and guarantee/ensure safe functionality.


Fire Protection in accordance with DIN EN 45545-3

The most common causes of rail vehicle fires are arson, negligence, or defects in the electrical systems.
They developed a test scenario for these types of emergency cases by exposing multiple products in various applications to temperatures up to 1,000°C for different lengths of time. 


Some of our products have undergone this test and have received a certificate for meeting the requirements of classification E60 (equivalent to 60 minutes at 1,000°C).


You can watch the video here to see how our products are tested according to DIN EN 45545-3.




Our compression products offer users maximum convenience while simultaneously applying uniform pressure, and ensuring your application is perfectly sealed – protecting the critical infrastructure from the ingress of dirt, dust, and water.
Our latches can be installed in any environment, so they are visible outside of completely hidden inside. 


Vibration and shock resistance

The long lifespan of rail vehicles requires high-quality products with special properties that can withstand high vibration and shock environments. So, we have placed great emphasis on shock and vibration resistance in our products and have tested them to ensure that they comply with the following basic testing standards:

  • DIN EN 61373


We are using our expertise in self-securing hardware to develop new solutions for railway applications that can create fast and secure connections without the use of installation tools.


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Further information

For more detailed information, download the “Rail traffic” focus brochure and contact our industry expert:

DIRAK Schienenverkehr


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Königsfelder Straße 1
58256 Ennepetal
Phone:+49 2333 837-190
Mobile: +49 176 18370190


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